Jeffery Boggs – Field Target Elite Rig Move Coordinator / Drilling Well-Site Supervisor

Jeffery Boggs – Field Target Elite Rig Move Coordinator / Drilling Well-Site Supervisor - Consultant Highlights

Jeffery “Jeff” Boggs has been an Independent Contractor since joining the Crescent team in October 2017. Jeff worked his way up thru the oil patch the old-fashioned way - - with hard work. He began his career with Cactus Drilling in 2005. In 2011, Jeff worked with Trinidad Drilling Company. His career further developed at H&P where he spent 5 years and worked his way to Rig Manager before joining Pioneer Natural Resources in 2017 as a Consultant, Drilling Well-Site Supervisor.

Since 2017 Jeff has worn many “hats” at Pioneer from Drilling Well-Site Supervisor, to Field Optimization Team, to his present position as “Field Target Elite.” Jeff is instrumental in working with the rig skids and moves throughout the Permian Basin on Pioneer properties. He collaborates with a team which has successfully saved multiple days on rig moves. He is proud to be part of this team which was in the top 10 of the most efficient and safest rig moves at Pioneer.

Jeff is quick to point out and drive home the safety factor of rig moves. He indicated that over the recent years, they have “fine-tuned” the rig moves by employing efficiency and safety practices including cost savings by effectively pre-planning.

Jeff stated that he truly enjoys downhole drilling, problem solving, and working with people. He’s a “people person” who truly wants those who work with him to succeed and thrive in a productive environment. The opportunity to mentor and cross-train is always welcome.

According to Jeff, “In the oil field, one can ’learn something new every day.’”

A co-worker of Jeff’s, who has worked with him since 2017, stated that Jeff is a “team player,” has “good work ethics,” and is “always willing to help.” Jeff is “very informative when it comes to rig moves.” “He’s very respectful, a hard worker, and a stand-up individual.”

Dave Richardson - Drilling Consultant

Dave Richardson - Drilling Consultant - Consultant Highlights

Dave Richardson, Drilling Well-Site Supervisor is presently working with Crescent Drilling Foreman, Inc. for an Operator in west Texas. In a contest held by Crescent, Dave captured one of the winning photos which have been used on multiple ads both in print and social media sites such as LinkedIn.

Turns out that not only is Dave a fantastic Drilling Well-Site Supervisor, he is also quite the photographer. Thanks, Dave! We are thrilled to have you on our team!

Consultant Highlights

Elliott K. Leavell - Drilling Consultant

Elliott K. Leavell - Drilling Consultant - Consultant Highlights

Elliott Leavell, Drilling Well-Site Supervisor, with Crescent Drilling Foreman, Inc., while he worked with Guidon Energy, participated in a round table discussion and Q&A along with some of the most well respected and experienced Well-Site Supervisors and Superintendents in the industry. The Dallas Fort Worth Chapter of the AADE hosted the panel on September 11, 2019, at The Fort Worth Petroleum Club.

“Elliott Leavell has all the qualities that you look for in a Rig Supervisor; outstanding training and experience, strong leadership skills, calm under pressure, performance-driven, and a positive influence on the entire drilling team. His skills working tight hole are second-to-none. He does not cut corners and he is constantly offering guidance and suggestions on how we can improve our drilling operations. Elliott continues to make significant contributions to our success at Guidon Energy." – Andrew N. Hunter, Drilling Manager

Elliott began his career in the oil and gas industry in 1978 with Exxon Company U.S.A. where he spent 14 years building his career from a Drilling Technician to Drilling Superintendent. Following his departure from Exxon, he consulted for a variety of Operators as a Drilling/Completion Well-Site Supervisor.

Over the course of his career, he has managed drilling and completion operations of over 450+ wells; both onshore and offshore. His experience is extensive in the Eagle Ford Shale, Permian Basin, and Austin Chalk. He wrote Exxon’s first published teaching and resource manual on Horizontal Drilling, Technique Update. Additionally, he was instrumental in the research of underbalanced Horizontal Drilling operations for Exxon’s first medium radius underbalanced horizontal well, recommended drilling techniques and safety procedures, which resulted in lowered drilling costs and provided a safe working environment.

While part of the Exxon team, Elliott worked as a Safety Coordinator and conducted on-site Rig Safety Audits and meetings. He supervised a team of 40 and coordinated materials and equipment in the clean-up of beaches affected by the Valdez Oil Spill.

Since 2016, Elliott has worked with Crescent Drilling Foreman, Inc., providing Drilling Supervisory expertise to Guidon Energy for their west Texas Permian properties as well as Cholla Petroleum, Inc.

Consultant Highlights

Consultant Highlights

Consultant Highlights