At Crescent Drilling, we understand that a successful job is a safe and environmentally friendly job!

As our customer's representative on jobsites, we know that Crescent Drilling personnel help set the tone for jobsite HSE performance. We ensure our employees actively participate in the jobsite safety program and facilitate exceptional HSE by mentoring the work team.

As part of Crescent's commitment to operating responsibly, we have established a Health, Safety & Environmental management system that includes active management participation, training and a written HSE policy. All of Crescent's programs are in full compliance with the requirements of SEMS, OSHA, 30 CFR Part 250 Sub-Part 0 Training, and the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE).

Our written HSE Policy requires that all activities be conducted in a safe and environmentally friendly manner. The written HSE Policy is designed to:

  1. Demonstrate leadership regarding HSE;
  2. Provide a safe, clean work place; safe and proper tools and equipment; and safe work procedures;
  3. Provide training in the safe performance of individual jobs thereby assuring that every employee and contractor recognizes that personal safety is one of the individual's fundamental responsibilities;
  4. Maintain an Incident Prevention Program that is put into practice by all management, employees and contractors; and
  5. Recommend that any unsafe conditions, which may contribute to personal injury or environmental incidents, are promptly halted, reported, corrected and immediate action taken to prevent their recurrence; and that all accidents are analyzed so that immediate corrective action can be taken.